a story of a generation
a story about a generation

February 2023

a solo play about where all the trees went off to
some encounters define us for life
when i write i'm absentThanks for reading Spooky’s! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. i'm somewhere that only exists as a…

January 2023

that has been working for me the last week
first post of 2023

December 2022

end of the year post
(from the knife shaped sphere)

November 2022

Today is my birthday. For $20 each, I will write some adventures where I say things with no point, that don't make sense, and are not 'useful' at all…
This strange and bizarre form of David Lych is strongly committed to having a 'worried' facial expression. The 'dead' head contains two red gems with…

October 2022

an ouroboros depression is circular you keep coming back